The project proposals are invited by NRB and these may be submitted to the Panel head or the Secretary, NRB, through their Institutions with the following information as per the format to be downloaded from PRINTABLE FORMS.

Name of the Principal Investigator/ Project Directors with bio-data.
Project Summary
Project description.
Funds required (Cumulative & annual, including subcontracts).
Budgetary justification
Current & pending support, if any.
Project applications will be assessed and sanctioned twice in a year i.e. 01 May and 01 Nov. Only proposals received three months prior to these dates will be evaluated by the Specialist panel and recommended to the board for approval.
Universities and Colleges: Universities and colleges, acting on behalf of their faculty members.

Non profit, non-academic institutions Independent museums, observatories, research laboratories, professional societies, and similar organisations that are directly associated with educational or research activities.


Profit organisations: Research and educational proposals from commercial firms, particularly small businesses with strong capabilities in scientific or engineering research or education. Proposals from a commercial firm will be funded if it is of interest from Naval point of view; adequate resources are available for the work; or the proposed project is meritorious. NRB is interested in supporting projects that couple industrial research resources and perspectives with those of universities and proposals for co-operative projects involving both universities and private sector.


State & Local Govts: State educational institutions or organisations intending to broaden the impact, accelerate the pace, and increase the effectiveness of improvements in science and engineering activities.


Unaffiliated persons: Scientists, engineers, or science educators who have no affiliations with any organisations that could act as grantee organisations may receive support for meritorious research if they have the capability and use of facilities needed to perform the work. Unaffiliated proposers should contact the appropriate Panel Chairman before preparing a proposal for submission.

The proposals should be addressed to:

(a) Respective Panel Heads, OR
(b) Member Secretary
Naval Research Board
Defence Research & Development Organization
Dte of Naval R&D, 3rd Floor, DRDO Bhawan
Rajaji Marg, New Delhi - 110011

Tele: 011-23007333
Fax: 011-23017492
On project sanction, funds will be released to the Institution/ Individual on yearly basis.

In case an investigator to whom a project has been sanctioned, leaves the institution, the executive authority of the institution is expected to ensure that the investigator submits a detailed report of the work done before he/she is relieved. All equipment /stores purchased should be accounted for and the NRB informed about the resignation / deputation aborad etc. of the investigator of the project / scheme, and the possibility of conclusion under some other investigator. The Member Secretary of the Board may also agree to the continuation of the project by the same investigator at his new institution, if in his opinion, this will be in the best interest of the project provided the executive authority of the new institution also agrees to the continuation of the project. In such a case, the former institution will transfer all the funds and equipment / stores purchased for the scheme, to the new Institution.

The Naval Research Board reserves the right of termination of the grant at any stage, if the grant is not properly utilised or progress is inadequate.
Following conditions apply with regard to the Intellectual Properties generated by the project sanctioned under Grants-in-aid scheme of Naval Research Board:
  1. The ownership of any intellectual properties generated by research performed under the grant, whether or not legally protected, shall vest in the grantee institution. The grantee institution shall promptly report to DRDO its intention to protect legally any such intellectual properties.

  2. DRDO shall be deemed to have an irrevocable and royalty-free license to use such intellectual properties, whether or not legally protected, for such purposes as DRDO may decide, keeping the grantee institution informed.

  3. The grantee institution shall consult DRDO prior to contracting any agreement that envisages the use of such intellectual properties, whether or not legally protected, during or after the closure of the activities conducted through this grant. In any such agreement, the grantee institution shall declare that its ownership over the intellectual properties is encumbered to the extent of Para (2) above.

  4. Neither DRDO nor the Government of India accept any liability for infringement, innocent or otherwise, by the grantee institution, or by the investigators, of the intellectual or other property rights of third parties.

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