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1 08/Mat/97-98 Smart Materials and devices with electrostrictive and Polar properties May 98 May 02 Dr TRN Kutty IISc Bangalore Completed
2 09/Mat/97-98 Studies and Dev of repair technology for repairing composites at site under water for vessels Mar 98 Sep 03 Prof K Gopinath IIT Madras Completed
3 10/Mat/97-98 Dev of the Flame Resistant Thermosetting materials for composites Mar 98 Sep 01 Prof V Choudhary IIT Delhi Completed
4 11/Mat/97-98 Polymerization of Aramid Polymers under Programmed Shear Flow Conditions Mar 98 Dec 02 Prof DV Khakhar IIT Bombay Completed
5 12/Mat/97-98 Laser Ultrasonic Tomographic Imaging of Composites Mar 98 Mar 03 Dr NN Kishore IIT Kanpur Completed
6 13/Mat/97-98 Design and Development of a Fibre Reinforced Composite Ship Propeller Shaft Mar 98 Dec 01 Dr K Gupta IIT Delhi Completed
7 20/Mat/99-2000 Dev.of Low Weight Cryogenic Refrigerator for on Board Cooling of Infrared Detectors and other Electronics Jul 99 Mar 03 Dr G Venkatrathnam IIT Madras Completed
8 21//Mat/99-2000 Production and Characteristics of Carbon Nano Tubes Aug 99 Jun 05 Dr P Kesavan Nair IIT Madras Completed
9 22/Mat/98-99 Scattering, Radiation and Transmission of Acoustic Signals in composite Structures Sep 99 Sep 03 Prof S Narayanan IIT Madras Completed
10 44/Mat/ 03-04 Electromechanical Actuators with Ultra High Strain Piezoelectric properties based on Relaxor Ferroelectric Single Crystals and large grained Ceramics Jan 04 May 07 Dr. KBR Varma IISc Bangalore Completed
11 55/Mat/ 05-06 Performance of Naval Materials under Immersed Condition in Sea Environment Aug 05 Aug 07 Prof. Dr. R Venkatesan NIOT, Chennai Completed
12 56/Mat/ 05-06

Development of Core-Shell Latex Particle using Super Critical Fluid(SCF) as Polymerization Medium


Aug 05 Mar 08 Prof. SK Dolui Tezpur University, Assam Completed


(Joint Project)
Marine Organism Mediated Bio-degradation of Polymers Sep 05 Mar 07 Prof. Mukesh Doble & Dr. R Venkatesha IIT Madras & NIOT Chennai Completed


Development of Ultrafine Grainad high strength Al Alloy May 06 Jun 09 Dr. VS Sarma IIT Madras Completed


Research & Development of Polymer Camposite Structure for UUVs Dec 05 Dec 07 Dr. HNN Murthy RVCE Banglore Completed


Investigation on Corrosion Behaviour of Friction Stri Welded RDE-40 Al Alloy Jan 06 Jun 08 Dr. V Balasubramaniam Annamalai University Completed
17 68/Mat/05-06 Development of Nano Crystalline Oxide Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Films for Navel Magneto Electronic Sensor/ Device Applications May 06 Nov 08 Dr. N Harish Kumar IIT Madras Completed
18 69/Mat/05-06

Wear Behaviour of Al-TiB2 & Al-TiC in Situ Reinforced Composites



May 06 May 08 Dr. BS Murty & Dr. M Kamraj IIT Madras Completed
19 70/Mat/05-06

Dev. of  Fe/Co based giant magnetoimpedeance (GMI) Materials

May 06 Nov 08 Prof. G Markandeyulu IIT Madras Completed
20 71/Mat/05-06 Production of Carbon Nanotube  based Composites May 06 Dec 08 Dr. Prathap Haridoss IIT Madras Completed
21 72/Mat/06-07 Studies of Supercapacitance properties of Polymer-MWNTs Nano-composites Aug 06 Jul 08 Prof. S Ramaprabhu IIT Madras Completed
22 74/Mat/06-07 Dev. Of Reliable & Reproducible Prototype Cryogenic Refrigerator for on board cooling of IR Detectors & other electronics Nov 06 Nov 09 Prof. G Venkatarathnam IIT Madras Completed
23 76/Mat/06-07

Investigations on Solid State weldability of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) for potential marine applications

Dec 06 Jun 08 Prof. SV Satish PESIT, Bangalore Completed
24 77/Mat/06-07 Effect of Grain refinement and influence of Ti,B, Cu, Mg & Sr on the structural modification, wear resistance & mechanical properties of A-356 : a Naval Alloy Nov 06 Nov 09 Prof. SA Kori Sri BVVS Bagaveshwar Engg. College, Bagalkot Completed
25 81/Mat/06-07 Studies on Friction Surfaced Coatings for Wear & Corrosion Resistance Dec 06 Dec 09 Prof. K Prasad Rao IIT Madras Completed
26 82/Mat/06-07

Friction Stir Welding of Scandium added Al-Mg Alloys

Dec 06 Dec 09 Prof. Vijayan SSN Engg. College, Chennai Completed
27 85/Mat/06-07

Frictiopn Stir Welding of Al metal matrix composites for marine applications

Dec 06 Apr 09 Prof. N Murugan CIT Coimbatore Completed
28 86/Mat/06-07 Dev. Of PZT & PZN ferroelectrics with improved properties by High Energy Ball milling for sensor applications Jan 07 Jan 09 Prof. VRK Murthty IIT Madras Completed
29 90/Mat/06-07

Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of Al Alloy welds

Jan 07 Jan 09 Dr. K Srinivasa Rao AU Engg. College, Visakhapatnam Completed
30 91/Mat/06-07 Dev of Polymer Blend Membranes for fuel cell applications Feb 07 Feb 09 Dr. Abhijit Deshpande IIT Madras Completed
31 92/Mat/06-07 Dev of Severe Plastic Deformation Process for producing Ultrafine grained high Strength Al Alloy Feb 07 Feb 09 Prof. Uday Chakkingal IIT Madras Completed
32 93/Mat/06-07 PLD grown Piezoelectric Thin Films: Optimization of growth parameters & Physical properties for device applications Feb 07 Feb 09 Prof. MS Ramachandra Rao IIT Madras Completed
33 94/Mat/06-07 Corrosion behaviour of Super Duplex Super Austenitic Stainless Steel weldments in Marine environments Mar 07 Mar 10 Dr. V Muthupandi NIT Trichy Completed
34 97/Mat/06-07

Dev & Behaviour of Polymer Nanaocomposites under dynamic load conditions in marine atmospheres

Feb 07 May 09 Dr. A Gnanamoorthy IIT Madras Completed
35 98/Mat/06-07 Dev & study of Non-conventional organic-inorganic Coatings & SNAP Coatings based on Nano particles  and Rare earth for corrosion protection of Mild Steel in marine Environment Mar 07 Mar 10 Prof. VS Raja IIT Bombay Completed
36 101/MAT/06-07 Dev. of Strontium/Cobalt Substituted Barium Ferrite Materials for Intermediate temperature SOFC Cathode Application Apr 07 Apr 10 Prof. SK Pratihar NIT Rourkela Completed
37 102/MAT/06-07 Study on Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour of High Strength Steel Weldments in 3.5 NaCl Solution with & without Cathodic Potential Apr 07 Apr 10 Dr. TK Pal Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata Completed
38 104/MAT/06-07 Synthesis & Characterization of in-situ Carbide re-inforced Austenitic manganese Steel Matrix Composites Apr 07 Apr 09 Prof. Karabi Das IIT Kharagpur Completed
39 109/MAT/06-07 Impact Testing & Impact Damage Assessment of Sandwich Panels for marine Applications May 07 May 09 Prof. Ramesh S Sharma PESIT, Bangalore Completed
40 110/MAT/06-07 Study on Design & Dev. of High Strength Ultra Fine Grained Alloys through Equal Channel Angular Extrusion May 07 May 09 Prof. N Shanmukha RVCE, Bangalore Completed
41 111/MAT/06-07 A Study on the Slurry Erosive Behaviour of Al 6061 Si3N4 Composites Apr 07 Apr 10 Prof. CS Ramesh PESIT, Bangalore Completed
42 112/MAT/06-07 Investigation of Materials in Sonic Band Gap Structures for possible use in Stealth Applications May 07 May 09 Dr. Prita Nair SSN Engg, Chennai Completed
43 113/MAT/06-07

Synthesis of Poly(Lactic Acid) using New Catalysts & its Kinetics study using Modeling & Simulation


May 07 Nov 10 Prof. Rajeev Mehta TIET, Patiala Ongoing
44 114/MAT/06-07 Nano structured  Materials for Optical Sensor & Detector Protection Apr 07 Apr 09 Dr. S Siva Sankara Sai Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur Distt. Completed
45 115/MAT/06-07 Mechanistic Studies on Flame Retardant Glass Fibre Reinforced Resin Formulation for Low Cost Roofing/Panel Structure Application Apr 07 Apr 09 Dr. R Vasanthakumari BSA Crescent Engg. College, Chennai Completed
46 116/MAT/07-08 Microbial Biosensors for some Heavy Metal Ions Jul 07 Jul 10 Prof. Susheel Mittal TIET, Patiala Completed
47 124/MAT/07-08 Inhibitor Formulation to combat Corrosion and Fouling of Ship Seawater Cooling systems Jan 08 Dec 10 Prof. BP Appa Rao NIT Warangal Ongoing
48 125/MAT/07-08 Studies on Corrosion Behaviour of a Nickel-based Super alloy for application as Fasteners in Marine Environment Apr 08 Apr 11 Prof. MK Mohan NIT Warangal Ongoing
49 126/MAT/07-08 Role of Interlayers in Dissimilar Materials Joining by Solid State Welding Processes Apr 08 Apr 10 Dr. V Muthupandi  NIT Trichy Completed
50 127/MAT/07-08 Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Si (AA 6061) by Friction Stir Process Apr 08 Apr 10 Dr. Nallu Ramanaiah  AUEC, AU Visakhapatnam Completed
51 128/MAT/07-08 Effect of Retrogression & Re-aging (RRA) parameters on Mechanical & Stress Corrosion properties of 7010 Alloy Feb 08 Feb 11 Prof. RK Paretkar VNIT Nagpur Ongoing


(Joint Project
Design, Synthesis & physico-Chemical Characterization studies of Isotropic & Anisotropic Media for enabling high permittivity Applications Apr 08 Apr 11 Dr. V Madhurima, & Dr. NVS Rao Mizoram Univ., Aizawl & Assam Univ., Silchar Ongoing
53 130/MAT/07-08 Analysis of Polymer Film Coatings & Causes for Drag Reduction for underwater bodies Feb 08 Feb 10 Prof. Vinod Kallur & Prof. Ganesh Hegde RVCE, Bangalore Completed


(Joint Project)
Accelerated Testing for Long- Term Durability of PU foam cored GFRP Sandwich Panels for Naval Structural Applications Feb 08 Feb 10 Dr. Vijayalakshmi Rao &  Prof. MAL Antony Raj Mangalore Univ. & RVCE, Bangalore Completed
55 133/MAT/07-08 Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Metals Apr 08 Apr 10 Prof. D Ananathapadmanaban St. Joseph's College of Engg., Chennai Completed


(Joint Project)
Innovative Approaches for Improving the Hot / Wet Performance of Bismaleimide/Carbon Fibre Composite Feb 08 Feb 10

Dr. B S Sherigara &  Prof. MAL Antony Raj

Kuvempu Univ., Shimoga & RVCE Bangalore Completed


(Joint Project

Understanding the Adhesion Mechanism, Quantification of Adhesion Strength & Characterization of the Adhesives of Barnacles

Apr 08 Aug 10 Dr. NV Ravikumar & Prof. Mukesh Doble IIT Madras Completed


Dev. of Lead-Fress Piezoelectric Materials for Sensors & Actuators May 08 Nov 10 Prof. V Subramanian IIT Madras Ongoing


(Joint Project)
Performance of Ploymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PU & PC) in Marine Environment May 08 Aug 10 Prof. Mukesh Doble & Dr. NV Ravikumar IIT Madras Completed
60 139/MAT/07-08 Hot Corrosion Behaviour  of Rare-Earth Stabilized Zirconia for Thermal Barrier Applications Jul 08 Dec 10 Prof. Ashutosh S Gandhi IIT Madras Ongoing
61 142/MAT/08-09 Retention of Nano crytallinity in Bulk Ferroelectrics & Metals with the development of Single Mode Microwave Cavity Sintering Furnace Nov 08 Nov 10 Prof. VRK Murthy, Deptt. of Physics IIT Madras Ongoing
62 143/MAT/08-09 Development & Characterisation of One dimensional Oxide Nano material for Gas Sensing applications Jan 09 Jan 12 Dr. A Chandra Bose, Deptt. of Physics NIT Trichy Ongoing
63 144/MAT/08-09 Development & Characterisation of Nano- matellic magnets for Naval applications Nov 08 Nov 10

Dr. MS Krupashankar Deptt. of mech. Engg

RVCE, Blre Ongoing
64 145/MAT/08-09 Development of nano titanium oxide based transition metal compounds thin films for thermal sensor applications Nov 08 Nov 09 Dr. HSB Naik, Dr. R Suresh Kuvempu Univ & RVCE Blre Completed
65 146/MAT/08-09 Synthesis of Metal/Rare Earth doped Nano crystalline Mixed Spinnel Ferrites & characterization of thier magnetic & hyperfine properties Jan 09 Jan 11 Dr. Sukhen Das, MME Jadavpur Univ. Kolkata Ongoing
66 147/MAT/08-09 Dev. of Hybrid nanocomposite Memberanes for fuel cell Jan 09 Jan 12 Dr. Veena Chaudhary, CPE IIT Delhi Ongoing
67 148/MAT/08-09 Synthesis & properties of Electrodeposited Nickel/Zirconia Nanocomposites Jan 09 Jan 11 Prof. S Das, MME IIT Kharagpur Ongoing
68 155/MAT/08-09 Dev of High Performance Conducting Polymer dispersed Marine Coatings Feb 09 Feb 12 Prof. Sharif Ahmed, Materials research Lab Jamia Millia Islamia Univ, New Delhi Ongoing
69 156/MAT/08-09 Cost effective Conductometric method for Trace level determination of Rare earth Matel Ions Feb 09 Feb 11 Dr. SK Ashok Kumar, School of Chemistry Thapar Univ., Patiala Ongoing
70 161/MAT/08-09 semisolid Processing of Al-Tib2 & Al-TiC in-situ Composite Foams Jan 09 Jan 11 Dr. S Sankaran, MME IIT Madras Ongoing
71 162/MAT/08-09 Dev of Compositionally Graded Coatings on Marine Propeller for improving Cavitation Corrosion Resistance Apr 09 Apr 12 Dr. JD Majumdar, MME IIT Kharagpur  
72 163/MAT/08-09 Emulsion Polymerization of Styrene & Encapsulation of Antifouling additives using SCF as reaction medium Dec 08 Dec11 Prof. SK Dolui, Dean Tezpur Univ., Napaam, Assam Ongoing
73 164/MAT/08-09 Dev. of Super Astenitic Stainless Steel with high PREN Value for sever Chloride Enviornment application Jan 09 Jan 11 Dr. SS Mohamed Naziruddeen Metallurgical Engg, PSG College of Engg., Coimbatore Ongoing
74 165/MAT/08-09 Dev of Improved Friction Stir Welding Process to weld High strength materials Apr 09 Apr 11 Dr. S Muthukumaran, Deptt. of MME NIT Trichy  
75 167/MAT/08-09 An Investigation of Strain Gage Methods on PMMA Specimens for accurate measurement of Stress Integrity Factors Jan 09 Jan 11 Dr. KSRK Murthy, DME IIT Guwahati Ongoing
76 168/MAT/08-09 Investigations of different cooling conditions in drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Composite Pipes Feb 09 Feb 11 Dr. S Satish Kumar, DME St. Joseph's College of Engg., Chennai Ongoing
77 169/MAT/08-09 Dev of Laser Assisted Friction Stir Welding Process for C-Mn Steels Jan 09 Jan 11 Prof. NR Mandal IIT Kharagpur Ongoing
78 170/MAT/08-09 Sea water durabiklity, drillability 'Laser Drilling' & buckling Studies of PMC's for UUV Structural Applications Jan 09 Jan 11 Dr. HNN Murthy, DME RVCE, Banglore Ongoing
79 172/MAT/08-09 Friction Stir Processing of Similar & Dissimilar Fusion Welds of Al Alloys used in Naval applications Jan 09 Jan 11 Prof. S Jerome, MME NIT Trichy Ongoing
80 174/MAT/08-09 Characterization of Tribo-Corrosive properties of WC-Ni Hard Coating produced by Electro-deposition Feb 09 Feb 11 Dr. SC Sharma, Principal RVCE, Banglore Ongoing
81 175/MAT/08-09 Studies of mechanical Properties & Corrosion Behaviour of rapid Transformation Annealing (RTA) treated HSLA Steels & their weldments apr 09 Apr 11 Dr. KS Ghosh, MMR NIT Durgapur  
82 178/MAT/08-09 Preperation & Characterization of Fire retardant Grade Nano Clay Dispersed FRP Composites for Marine applications Feb 09 Feb 11 Dr. Kumarswamy & Dr. HNN Murthy, DME Kuvempu Univ., Shankarag hatta (Shimoga) & RVCE, BLR Ongoing
83 184/MAT/09-10

Development of Oil Absorbing Polymer product for Effiicient Removal of Oil spills in Sea Water

Jan 10 Jan 12

Dr. Vasanthakumari Raju, Dept. of Polymer Technology

BSA Rahman Univ., Chennai Ongoing
84 185/MAT/09-10

Growth & Characterisation of LiInS2  &  LiInSe2  Crystals for IR Applications

Jan 10 Jan 12 Prof. P Ramasamy, Centre for Crystal Growth SSN College of Engg., Chennai Ongoing
85 186/MAT/09-10

The Effect of Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) Process on Corrosion and Fatigue Properties of Al alloy and its Weldments used in Naval Applications

Mar 10 Mar 12

Dr. K Siva Prasad, Deptt. of MME

NIT Trichy Ongoing
86 187/MAT/09-10

Development of Polymer Composite Solid Electrolyte System for  Batteries

Apr 10 Apr 12

Dr. S Radhakrishnan, Deptt. of Physics

PESIT, Bangalore Ongoing


(Joint Project)

Investigation of Impact Damage Tolerance of Composites for Naval                       Structures/Components

Jan 10 Jan 12

Dr. HV Lakshminarayana, DME &  Prof. KH Shivanand, DME

DS College of Engg., Bangalore &  UVCE, Bangalore University Ongoing


(Joint Project)

Synthesis of Copper and Copper Alloy Nanopowders through Herbal                          Route and Study of their Corrosion Behaviour

Jan 10 Dec 11 Dr. ABS Sastry & Dr. BS Murty, MME SRIVT, Guntur & IIT Madras Ongoing
89 190/MAT/09-10

High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of High Strength High- Entropy Alloys

Jan 10 Jan 13 Dr. K Ravi Sankar, MME IIT Madras Ongoing
90 191/MAT/09-10

A New Route to Manufacture Fiber Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Diffusion Bonding of Ultrasonically Welded Monotapes

Nov 09 Nov 12 Dr. GD Janaki Ram, MME IIT Madras Ongoing
91 192/MAT/09-10

Experimental and Numerical Studies on Formability of Friction Stir Processed AZ31 Alloy

Jan 10 Jan 13

Dr. VS Senthil Kumar, DME

College of Engg., Anna University, Chennai Ongoing
92 193/MAT/09-10

Development of Corrosion and Wear Resistant Ni and Al-based Metallic Glass Coatings and Nanocrystalline Coatings

Sep 09 Sep 12 Dr. Kallol Mondal, MME IIT Kanpur Ongoing
93 194/MAT/09-10

Dynamics of Water Molecules and Hydronium Ions in Proton Transfer Membranes for Fuel Cells

Nov 09 Nov 11

Dr. Anindya Datta, Deptt. of Chemistry

IIT Bombay Ongoing
94 195/MAT/09-10

Development of Ferroelectric and Multiferroic MEMS Devices

Jan 10 Dec 12

Dr. Subhananda Chakrabarti, DEE

IIT Bombay Ongoing
95 196/MAT/09-10

Design and Development of Functional Materials for Surface Acoustic Wave Device Structures: Applications in Communication and Sensors

Dec 09 Dec 12

Dr. Vinay Gupta, Deptt. of Physics

Univ. of Delhi Ongoing
96 197/MAT/09-10 Development of High-temperature high-performance Piezoelectric Alloys Jan 10 Jan 13 Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Deptt of Materials Engg. & Prof. VRK Murthy, Deptt. of Physics IISc Bangalore & IIT Madras Ongoing


Friction stir welding of Aluminum metal       matrix composites (AL-MMCs)

OCT 11

OCT 14

Prof. TV Christy

CSI College of Engineering, Ketti The Nilgiris, TN




Development of thermally sprayable anticorrosive coating based on polymer nano-composites

Aug 11

Aug 13

Dr. K Palanivelu

CIPET, Guindy, Chennai




Development of cast In-Situ CU based composites for Naval Applications

Oct 11

Oct 14

Dr. OP Modi

Advanced Materials and processes research institute, council of scientific & industrial research, Bhopal




Development of Carbon Nanotube reinforced Polymer Composites for Naval Applications

Nov 11

Nov 14

Dr. SmrutisikhaBal

NIT, Silchar Assam




Development of FRP-Nano Composite for Marine Structural Application

Aug 11

Aug 14

Dr. Swati Neogi

IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal




Friction Stir Processing of Steels for Surface Alloying and Wear Resistance" (Joint Project)


Aug 11


Aug 13

Dr. Udaya Bhatt  


Prof. K. Chattopadhyay

NITK, Surathkal


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore




Improving Erosion-Corrosion Resistance of Naval Grade Alloys using HV sprayed Coating

Aug 11

Aug 14

Dr. V Balusubramanian

Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Parangipettai




Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Chemo-Sensors

Jan 12

Jan 15

Dr. J Jayabharthi

Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamilnadu




Friction Surfacing for Enhanced surface Protection and repair of Defects

Mar 11

Mar 14

Dr. GD Janaki Ram

IIT Madras, Chennai




Study of erosion effect of seawater on Marine pipe work materials

Mar 12

Mar 15

Prof. Manish Agrawal

MaharanaPratap College of Technology & Management, Gwalior




Development Characterization and Testing of MW-CNT-Polymer Composites for fused Deposition Process

Mar 11

Mar 13

Prof. KrupaShankara

R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore




Development of Transition metal iron Doped CeO2 thin films for possible thermal sensors and anti-fouling coatings

Sep 11

Sep 13

Dr. H Nagabhushana

Tumkur University,  Tumkur, Karnataka-572103




Drag reduction by gas lubrication

Sep 11

Sep 14

Dr. RanjitBauri

IIT Madras, Chennai




Studies on Mechanical Properties of DMR-249A for FSW Joint

Mar 12

Mar 15

Dr. G Dhanraj

CSI College of Engineering, Ketti, The Nilgiris (TN)-645213




Characterising microstructural Developments in friction stir processed hexagonal materials

Dec 11

Dec 13

Prof. I. Samajdar

Indian Institute Technology, Bombay




Studies on Residual Stress In Friction Stir weld of DMR 249 Steels

Mar 12

Mar 15

Prof. R Ram Gopal Varma   

Bharat Institute of Engineering & Technology,       Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)




MD-Stochastic Model-Based Design, Synthesis and Thermo-Physical Characterisation of Nano-Fluids for Advanced Heat Transfer Applications

Jun 12

Jun 15

Dr. S K Pabi

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur,  West Bengal




An Experimental Characterisation of fatigue Behavior of Piezoelectric Materials

Mar 12

Mar 15

Prof. Arockiarajan

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai




Hyperbranched Epoxy Nanohybrides immobilised Natural Biocide for Advanced Marine Coatings

Jun 12

Jun 15

Dr. NiranjanKarak

Tezpur University, Tezpur




Surfacing of DMR-249 steel with austenitic stainless steel by cold metal transfer process

Jun 12

Jun 15

Prof. M Kamraj.   


Dr. K Srinivasa Rao     

IIT Madras, Chennai


Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam




Joining of Aluminum alloy 5083 to DMR 249 Grade steel using cold Metal Transfer metal inert gas welding


Aug 12

Aug 14

Dr. S R Koteswara Rao

Tagore Engineering College, Chennai - 60048




Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposite (PGNC) for Naval Applications

Jul 12

Jul 15

Dr. GirishMukundrao Joshi

School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) VIT University, Vellore




Stress Corrosion Cracking of DMR-249 steel and its welds

Jul 12

Jul 15

Prof. K Srinivasa Rao

Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam



264/Mat/ 12-13

A Study on Weldability of Super Austenitic Stainless Steels (SASS) using SMAW and GTAW processes

Dec 12

Dec 15

Dr. V. Balusamy

PSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore




Development of new Hybrid Advanced Technology Combining Batch Electrochemical Coagulation (BECC) and Membrane Processes for the Treatment of Naval Wastewaters

Nov 12

Nov 15

Dr. S. Mahesh

Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore




Development of AI-Si-2% Mg alloy and AI-Si-2% Mg with SiC composite using a new Rheo- Die- Casting (RDC) method for naval applications

Dec 12

Dec 15

Dr. S. S. Mohamed Nazirudeen

Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore-641004




Development and Experimental investigations into Mechanical and Machinability Characteristics of SiC reinforced Aluminium matrix Nano-Composites

Feb 13

Feb 16

Dr. A Gopala Krishna

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada




Processing and characterization of fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites and their degradation in marine environments

Nov 12

Nov 15

Dr. Rajeev Mehta

Thapar University, Patiala




Preparation, characterization and local structure of new lead free piezo ceramics

Jun 13

Jun 16

Dr. R. Saravanan

The Madura College, Madurai




Development of HVOF sprayed Inconel-718-Boron nitride composite coatings for wear and corrosion protection of ship building steel

Mar 13

Mar 15

Dr. C. S. Ramesh,

PESIT, 100 Ft Ring Rd, BSK III Stg, Bangalore




Growth and Characterization of PMN-PT single crystal

Mar 13

Mar 15

Dr. S. Kalainathan

VIT University,                             Vellore




Development of Ultrafine grained (UFG) AI-Mg-Sc alloys by Repetitive Corrugation and Straightening

Mar 13

Mar 16

Prof. S. A. Kori

Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot




Development and Design of Environmental Friendly Lead-Free Piezoelectric Nanosensor



Dr. S. K. S. Parashar

KIIT University, Bhubaneswar – 751024, Odissa




Synthesis and Characterization of mixed proton-oxide ion conducting highly substituted and disordered complex perovskites for energy applications

Mar 13

Mar 16

Dr. Anuradha M. Ashok

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, P. B. No.1609, Peelamdedu, Coimbatore




Synthesis and characterization of the magneto dielectric nano composites and thin film Hetero structures

May 13

May 15

Dr. D. J. Salunkhe

Solapur University, Solapur




Investigation of Corrosion and its Progression in Ship Hulls

May 13

May 16

Dr. Shruti Sharma

Thapar University




Studies on Transition Metal-Oxides Anchored to Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes as Hybrid Supercapacitors

Mar 13

Mar 16

Dr. H. Kathyayini

Jain University, Jain Global Campus, Jakkasandra Post, Ramanagara Dist.




Studies on indigenous marine microbes for bioremediation of oil spills

Mar 13

Mar 16

Dr. B.K. Manjunatha

The Oxford College of Engineering,   Bommanahalli, Hosur              Road, Bangalore




Near net shape manufacturing of in-situ aluminum matrix nanocomposites for Naval Applications

Jul 13

Jul 15

Dr. K. R. Ravi

PSG Institute of Advanced Studies, P.B.No: 1609, Avinashi Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore




Development of new Electrolyte materials with optimized electrical / ionic conductivity for solid oxide fuel cells

Jul 13

Jul 16

Dr. Prabhakar Singh

Banaras Hindu University Varanasi




Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency by down conversion phosphors for underwater solar panels towards naval applications

Jul 13

Jul 15

Dr. R. Sudarkodi

Hindustan University, P.O.Box No. 1, Rajiv Gandhi Salai,Padur, Kelambakkam, Chennai




Low Velocity Impact Behavior and Compression - After –Impact Strength of Laminated Composite Plates Subjected to Repeated Impacts



Dr. N. Rajesh Mathivanan

PES Institute of Technology,
100 Feet Ring Road, BSK-III Stage, Bangalore


  Examining Fresh Project Proposal:
  Questionnaire to be filled in by experts/Panel members while reviewing the fresh project proposal may be downloaded from PRINTABLE FORMS and completed form be submitted to the Panel Head with a copy to the member Secretary NRB.
  Forwarding ofAnnual Progress Report:
  The Principal Investigators of the ongoing/freshly sanctioned projects are required to send the Annual Progress report of the project to the concerned Panel Head/Members and the Member Secretary NRB as per proforma to be downloaded from PRINTABLE FORMS
  Conduct of Workshop
  Towards the end of the project, a workshop is to be organised by the PI in consultation with the concerned Panel Head and the Member Secretary NRB for dissemination of the work done during the execution of the project. The requisite proforma for the same may be downloaded from the PRINTABLE FORMS.
  Forwarding of Closure Report:
  On completion of the Project, the Principal Investigator is required to send a Closure Report to the Panel Head and the member Secretary NRB as per proforma to be downloaded from PRINTABLE FORMS.
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