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08/Mat/97-98Smart Materials and devices with electostrictive and Polar propetiesMay(98)May (01) May (02) Dr. TRN Kutty Prof. SB krupanidhi Dr. KBR VarmaIISc, Bangalore
09/Mat/97-98Studies and Dev of repair technology for repairing composites at site under water for vesselsMar (98)Mar (01) Sep (03) Dr. K Gopinath Dr. Ghanamoorthy Dr. S K Malhotra Dr. NatrajanIIT, Madras, Chennai
10/Mat/97-98Development of the flame Resistant Thermosetting materials for compositesMar (98)Mar (01) Sep (01) Prof. Vena Chaudhary Prof. I K VarmaIIT, Delhi
11/Mat/97-98Poly merisatio of Aramid Polymers under Programmed shear Flow ConditionsMar (98)Mar (01) Dec (02) Prof DV KhakharIIT, Bombay
12/Mat/97-98Laser Ultrasonic tomographic Imaging of CompositesMar (98)Mar (01) Mar (03) Dr NN Kishore, Dr. P Munshi Dr. N G IyengarIIT, Kanpur
13/ Mat/97-98Desgn and Development of a Fibre Reinforced Composite Ship Propeller ShaftMar (98)Mar (01) Dec (01) Dr K Gupta Dr. S P SinghIIT, Delhi
20/ Mat/99-2000Dev. Of Low Weight Cryogenic Refrigerator for on Board Cooling of Infrared Detectors and other ElectronicsJul (99)Jul (02) Mar (03) Dr G Venkatrathnam Dr. SS MurthyIIT, Madras, Chennai
21/Mat/99-2000Production and Characteristics of Carbon Nano TubesAug (99) Aug (02) Jun (05) Prof. P Kesavan Nair & Dr. Prathap Haridoss,IIT, Madras, Chennai
22/Mat/98-99Scattering. Radiation and Transmission of Acoustic Signals in composite StructuresSep (99)Sep (03) Prof S Narayanan Dr. P. ChandermauliIIT, Madras, Chennai
44/Mat/03-04Electromechanical Actultors with Ultra High Strain Plezoelectric properties based on Relax or Ferroelectric Single Crystals and large Grained CeramicsJan (04)Jan (07) May (07) Dr. KBR Varma Prof. TRN KuttyIISc, Banglore
55/ Mat/ 05-06Performance of Naval Materials under Immersed Condition in Sea EnvionmentAug (05)Aug (07) Dec (07) Prof. Dr. R Venkatesan,NIOT, Chennai
56/Mat/05-06Development of Core-Shell Latex Particle using Super Critical Fluid (SCF) as Polymerization MediumSept (05)Sep (06) Mar (08) Prof. SK Dolui,Tezpur University, Assam
57/Mat/05-06Marine Organism Mediated Bio- degration of PolymersSep (05)Sep(06) Mar (07)Prof. Mukesh Doble,IIT, Madras, Chennai
60/ Mat/ 05-06Development of Ultafine Grained high Strength At AlloyMay (06)(May 08) Dec (08) Jun (09)Dr. VS Sarma & BS Murty,IIT, Madras, Chennai
66/Mat/ 05-06Research & Development of Polymer Camposite Structure for UUVsDec (05)Dec (07)Dr. HNN Murthy & Dr. M. Krishna,RVCE, Banglore
67/Mat/05-06Investigation on Corrosion Behaviour of Friction Stri Welded RDE-40 AI AlloyJan (06)Jan (08) Jun (08) Dr. V Balsasubhramanian & Dr. V Ravishankar,Annamalal University
68/Mat/05-06Development of Nano Crystaline Oxide Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Films for Navel Magneto Electronic Sensor/ Device ApplicationsMay (06)May (08) Nov (08) Apr (09) Dr. N Harish Kumar & Dr. G Mankandeyulu,IIT, Madras, Chennai
69/ Mat /05-06Wear Behaviour of AI- TiB2 & AI-TIC in Situ Reinforced CompositesMay (06)May (08) DR. BS Murty & Dr. M Kamraj,IIT, Madras, Chennai
70/ Mat/ 05-06Dev. Of Fe/Co based Giant magnetoimpedeance (GMI) MaterialsMay (06)May (08) Nov (08) Prof. G Markandyulu,IIT, Madras, Chennai
71//Mat/05-06Production of Carbon Nanotube based CompositesMay (06)May (08) Dec (08) Dr. Prathap Haridoss & Prof. Kesavan Nair,IIT, Madras, Chennai
72/Mat/ 06-07Studies of Supercapacitance properties of Polymer-MWNTs Nano-compositesAug (06)Aug (08)Prof. S Ramaprabhu,IIT, Madras, Chennai
74/Mat/06-07Dev.Of Reliable & Reproducible Prototype Cryogenic Refrigerator for on board cooling of IR Detectors & other electronicsNov (06) Nov (09)Prof. G Venkatarathnam & Dr. S Srinivasa Murthy,IIT, Madras, Chennai
76/Mat/06-07Investigations on Solid State weldabiltiy of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) for potential marine applicationsDec (06) Dec (07) Jun (08) Prof. SV Satish & Dr. VP Raghupathay,PESIT, Bangalore
77/Mat/06-07Effect of Grain refinement and influence of Ti, B Cu, Mg & Sr on the structural modification, wear resistance & mechanical properties of A-356: a Naval AlloyNov (06) Nov (09) Prof. SA Kori, Bagaveshwar Engg. College, Bagalkot
81/Mat/06-07Studies on Friction Surfaced Coating for Wear & Corrosion ResistanceDec (06) Dec (09) Mar (10) Prof. K Prasad RaoIIT, Madras, Chennai
82/Mat/ 06-07Friction Stir Welding of Scandium added Al-Mg AlloysDec (06) Dec (09) Mar (10) Mr. S Vijyayan Sr. LecturerSSN Engg. College, Kalavakkam, Chennai
85/Mat/06-07friction Stir welding of AI metal matrix composites for marine applicationDec (06) Dec (08) Apr (09) Prof. N Murugan,CIT Coimbatore
86/Mat/06-07Dev. Of PZT & PZN ferroelectrics with improved properties by high Energy ball milling for sensor applicationsJan (07)Jan (09)Prof VRK Murthty & Prof. BS Murty,IIT, Madras, Chennai
90/Mat/06-07Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of AI Alloy weldsJan (07)Jan (09) Jun (09) Dec (09) Dr. K Srinivasa Rao,AU College of Engg., Visakhapatnam
91/Mat/06-07Dev of Polymer Biend Membranes for fuel cell applicationsFeb (07)Feb (09) Aug (09) Dr. Abhijit Deshpande,IIT, Madras, Chennai
92/Mat/06-07Dev of Servere plastic Deformation Process for producing Ultrafine grained high Strength AI AlloyFeb (07)Feb (09) Aug (09) Dec(09) Prof. Uday Chakkingal,IIT, Madras, Chennai
93/Mat/06-07PLD grown Plezoelectric Thin Films Potimization of growth parameters & Physical properties for device applicaionFeb (07)Feb (09) Apr (09) Prof. MS Ramachandra Rao,IIT, Madras, Chennai
94/Mat/06-07Corrosion behaviour of Super Duplex Super Austenitic Stainless steel weldments in Marine environmentMar (07)Mar (10) Dr. V Muthupandi ,NIT (Trichy)
97/Mat/06-07Dev & Behaviour of Polymer Nanaocomposites under dyamic load conditions in marine atmospheresFeb (07)Feb (09) May (09) Dr. A Gnanamoorthy,IIT, Madras, Chennai
98/Mat/ 06-07Dev & Study of Non-convetional organic inorganic coatings & SNAP coatings based on Nano particles and Rare earth for corrosion prtection of Mild Steel in Marine EnvironmentMar (07)Mar (10) Jul (10) Prof VS Raja,IIT, Bombay
101/Mat/06-07Dev. Of Strontium/ Cobalt Substituted Barium Ferrite Materials for Intermediate temperature SOFC Cathode ApplicationApr (07)Apr (10) Jul (10) Prof. SK Pratihar,NIT Rourkela
102/MAT/ 06-07Studdy on Corrosion Fatigue Behaviour of High strength Steel Weldments in 3.5 NaCL Solution with & without Cahtodic PotentialApr (07)Apr (10)Dr. TK Pal,Jadavpur Univ., Kolkata
104/MAT/06-07Synthesis & Characterization of in-situ Carbide re-inforced Austenitic manganese Steel Matrix CompositesAp (07)Dec (09) Apr (09)Prof. Karabi Das,IIT, Kharagpur
109/MAT/06-07Impact Testing & Impact Damage Assessment of Sandwich Panels for marine ApplicationsMay (07)May (09)Prof. Ramesh S Sharma,PESIT, Banglore
110/Mat/06-07Study on Design & Dev. Of High Strength Ultra Fine Grained Alloys through Equal Channel Angular ExtrusionMay (07)May (09) Sep (09) Prof. N Shanmukha,RVCE, Banglore
111/MAT/06-07A Study on the Slurry Erosive Behaviour of AI 6061 S13N4 CompositesApr (07)Apr (10)Prof. CS Ramesh,PESIT, Banglore
112/Mat/06-07Investigation of Materials in Sonic Band Gap Structures for possible use in Stealth ApplicationsMay (07)May (09) Nov (09) Dr. Prita Nair,SSN Engg, Chennai
113/Mat/06-07Synthesis of Poly(Lactic Acid) using New Catalysts & its Kinetics study using Modeling & SimulationMay (07)May (10) Nov (10) Prof. Rajeev Mehta,TU, Patiala
114/Mat/06-07Nano structured Materials for Optical Sensor & Detector ProtectionApr (07) Apr (09) Jul (09) Dr. S.Siva Sankara Sai,Sri Sathya Sai Univ., Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur Distt
115/Mat/06-07Mechanistic Studies on Flame Retardant Glass Fibre Reinforced Resin Formulation for Low Cost Roofing/Panel Structure ApplicationApr (07)Apr (09) Dec (09) Dr. R Vasanthakumari,BSA Rahman Univ., Chennai
116/Mat/07-08Microbial Biosensors for some Heavy Metal ionsJun (07)Jun (10) Aug (10) Pro. Susheel Mittal,thapar Univ, Patiala
124/Mat/ 07-08Inhibitor Formulation to combat Corrosion and Fouling of Ship Seawater Cooling SystemsDec (07)Dec (09) Dec (10) Prof. BP Appa Rao,NIT, Warangal
125/Mat/07-08Studies on Corrosion Behaviour of a Nickel- based Super alloy for application as Fasteners in Marine EnvironmentApr (08)(Apr10) Apr (11) Prof. MK Mohan,NIT, Warangal
126/Mat/07-08Role of Interlayers in dissimilar Materials Joining by Solid State Welding ProcessApr (08)Apr (10)Dr. V Muthupandi (Sh M Ashfaq, Lecturer),NIT (Trichy)
127/Mat/07-08Improvement of Mechanical Properties of AI-Mg- SI (AA 6061) by Friction Stir ProcessApr (08)Apr (10) Dec (10)Dr. Nallu RamanaIah,Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
128/Mat/07-08Effect of Retrogression & Re-aging (RRA) Parameters on Mechanical & Stress Corrosion properties of 7010 AlloyFeb (08)Feb (10) Feb (11) Dec (11) Prof. RK Paretkar,National Institute of Technology, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur
129/MAT/07-08 (Joint Project)Design Synthesis & Physico-Chemical Characterization studies of Isotropic & Anisotropic Media for enabling high permittivity ApplicationsDec (08)Dec (11) Jun (12) Sep (12) Dr. V Madhurima, _____________ Dr. NVS Rao,Mizoram Univ. Aizawl _____________ Assam Univ., Silchar
130/Mat/07-08Analysis of Polymer Film Coating & Causes for Drag Reduction for underwater bodiesFeb (08)Feb (10)Prof. Vinod Kallur & Prof. Ganesh Hegde,RVCE, Banglore
132/Mat/07-08Accelerated Testing for Long-Term Durabilty of PU foam cored GFRP Sandwich Panels for Naval S tructural ApplicationsFeb(08)Feb (10)Dr. Vijayalakshmi Rao, _____________ Prof. MAL Antony RajMangalore Univ., ____________ RVCE, Bangalore
133/Mat/07-08Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar MetalsApr (08)Apr(10)Prof. D Ananathapadmanaban St. Joseph's College of Engg., Chennai
134/Mat/07-08Innovative Approaches for Improving the Hot/ Wet Performance of Bismaleimide/Carbon Fibre CompositeFeb (08)Feb (10)Dr. B S Sherigara, ________________Prof. MAL Antony RajKuvempu Univ. _____________ RVCE, Banglore
136/Mat/07-08Understanding the Adhesion Mechanism Quantification of Adhesion Stregth & Characterization of the Adhesives of BarnaclesMay (08)May (10) Aug (10) Dr. NV Ravikumar & Prof. Mukesh Doble,IIT, Madras, Chennai
137/Mat/07-08Dev. Of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials for Sensor & ActuatorsMay (08)May (10) Nov (10) Jun (11) Prof. V Subramanian,IIT, Madras, Chennai
138/Mat/07-08Performance of Ploymers (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PU & PC) in Marine EnvironmentMay (08)May (10) Aug (10) Prof. Mukesh Doble & Dr. NV Ravi KumarIIT, Madras, Chennai
139/Mat/07-08Hot corrosion Behaviour of Rare-Earth Stabilized Zirconia for Thermal Barrier ApplicationJun (08)Jun (10) Dec (10) Jul (11) Prof. Ashutosh S Gahdhi,IIT, Madras, Chennai
142/Mat/08-09Retention of Nano crytallinity in Bulk Ferroelectrics & Metals with the development of Single Microwave Cavity Sintering FurnaceNov (08)Nov (10)Prof. VRK Murthy,IIT, Madras, Chennai
143/Mat/08-09Development & Characterisation of One dimensional Oxide Nano material for Gas Sensing applicationsJan (09)Jan (12)Dr. A Chandra Bose,National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
144/Mat/08-09Development & Characterisation of nano-metallic magnets for Naval applicationsNov (08)Nov (10)Prof. MS Krupashankara,RVCE, Bangalore
145/Mat/08-09Development of Nano titanium oxide based transition metal compounds thin films for thermal sensor applicationsNov (08)Nov (09)Dr. HSB Naik _________ Dr. R Suresh,Kevempu University, Shakaraghatta _____________ RVCE, Bangalore
146/Mat/08-09Synthesis of Meta/Rare Earth doped Nano crystalline Mixed Spinal Ferrites & characterization of their magnetic & hyperfine propertiesJan (09)Jan(11)Dr. Sukhen Das,Jadavpur University,
147/Mat/08-09Devlopment of Hybrid nanocomposite Membranes for fuel cell ApplicationsJan (09)Jan (12)Dr. Veena Chaudhary,IIT, Delhi
148/Mat/08-09Synthesis & properties of Electrodeposited Nickel/Zirconia NanocompositesJan (09)Jan (11)Prof. Siddharth Das IIT Kharagpur
155/Mat/08-09Dev of High Performance Conducting Polymer dispersed Marine CoatingsFeb (09)Feb (12) Jul 12Prof. Sharif Ahmed,Jamia Millia Islamia Univ, New Delhi
156/Mat/08-09Cost effective Conductometric method for Trace level determination of Rare earth Metal lonsFeb (09)Feb (11)Dr. Susheel MittalThapar Univeristy, Patiala
161/Mat/08-09Semisolid Processing of AI-Tib2 & AI-TiC insitu Composite FoamsJan (09)Jan (11)Dr. S Sankaran,IIT, Madras, Chennai
162/Mat/08-09Dev of Compositinally Graded Coatings on Marine Propeller for improving Cavitation Corrosion ResistanceApr (09)Apr(12)Dr. JD Majumdar,IIT, Kharagpur
163/Mat/08-09Emulsion Polymerization of styrens & Encapsulation of Antifouting additives using SCF as reaction mediumDec (08)Dec (11)Prof. SK Dolui,Tezpur University, Assam
164/Mat/08-09Dev. Of Super Austentic Stainless Steel with high PREN Value for sever Chloride Environment applicationJan (09)Jan (11)Dr. SS Mohamed Nazirudeen,PSG College of Engg., Coimbatore
165/Mat/08-09Dev of Improved Friction Stir Welding Process to weld High Strength materialsSep (09)Aug (11)Dr. S Muthukumaran,National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli
167/Mat/08-09An Investgation of strain Gage Methods on PMMA Specimens for accurate measurement of stress Integrity FactorsJan (09)Jan (11)Dr. KSRK Murthy,IIT, Guwahati
168/Mat/08-09Investigations of different cooling conditions in drilling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Composite PipesFeb (09)Feb (11)Dr. S Satish Kumar, St. Joseph's College of Enggineering., Chennai
169/Mat/08-09Dev of Laser Assisted Friction Stir Welding Process for C-Mn SteelsJan (09)Jan (11)Prof. NR Mandal,IIT, Kharagpur
170/Mat/08-09Sea water durabikity, Drillability 'Laser Drilling' & buckling Studies of PMCs for UUV Structural ApplicationsJan (09)Jan(11)Dr. HN Narasimha MurthyRVCE, Bangalore
172/Mat/08-09Frilction Stir Processing of Similar and dissimilar Fusion Welds of Aluminium Aloys used in Naval ApplicationJan (09)Jan (11)Dr. S JeromeNational Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappali
174/Mat/08-09Characterization of Tribo-Corrosive properties of WC-NI Hard Coating produced by ElectrodepostionJan(09)Jan (11) Jul (11)Dr. M Krishna,RVCE, Bangalore
175/Mat/08-09Studies of mechanical Properties & Corrosion Behaviour of rapid Transformation Annealing (RTA) treated HSLA Steels & their weldmentsFeb (09)Feb (11)Dr. KS Ghosh,NIT Durgapur-
178/Mat/08-09 (Joint) RecvdPreparation &Characterzation of Fire retardant Grade Nano Clay Dispersed FRP Composites for Manne applications.Jul (09)Jul (11)Dr. B.E. Kumaraswamy ______________ Dr. HN Narasimha MMurthy,Kuvempu University Shimoga ____________ RVCE, Bangalore
184/Mat/09-10Development of Oil Absorbing Ploymer Product for Efficient Removal of Oil spills in Sea WaterJan(10)Jan (12) Jul (12)Dr. R Vasanthakumari,Dr. Syed amanullaB.S. Abdur Rahman Univ., GST Road, Vandalur Chennai
185/Mat/09-10Growth & Characterisation of LinS2 & LinSe2 Crystals for IR ApplicationsJan (10)Jan (12) Jul (12)Prof P Ramasamy, Dean (Research)SSN College of Enggineering Kalavakkam
186/Mat/09-10The Effect of Micro Arc Oxidation (MAO) Process on Corrosion and Fatique Properties of AI alloy and its Weldments used in Naval ApplicationsMar (10)Mar (12) Sep (12)Dr. K Siva Prasad,National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli
187/Mat/09-10Development of Polymer Composite Solid Electroyte System for BatteriesApr (10)Apr (12) Sep (12)Dr. S Radhakrshnan,PESIT, Bangalore
188/Mat/09-10Investigation of Impact Damage Tolerance of Composites for Naval Structures/ComponentsMar(10)Mar(12) Aug (12) Dr. HV Lakshminaarayana _________________Prof. HK ShivanandSagar College of Enginering, Bangalore _____________University Visvesvaraya college of Engineering Bangalore
189/Mat/09-10Synthesis of Copper and Copper Alloy Nanopowders through Herbal Route and Study of their Corrosion BehaviourJan (10)Dec (11)Dr. ABS Sastry, ___________ Dr. BS Murty,Institute of Vedic Technology, Guntur-522006 ____________ IIT, Madras, Chennai
190/Mat/09-10High Temperature Mechanical Behaviour of High Strength High-Entropy AlloysJan (10)Jan (13) Nov (13)Dr. K Ravi Sankar,IIT, Madras, Chennai
191/Mat/09-10A New Route to Manufacture Fibre Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Diffusion Bonding of Ultrasonically Welded MonotapesNov (09)Nov (12) Aug 13Dr. GD Janaki Ram,IIT, Madras, Chennai
192/Mat/09-10Experimental and Numerical Studies on Formability of Friction Stir Processed AZ31 AlloyJan (10)Jan (13)Dr. VS Senthil Kumar,College of Engginering Guindy Anna University, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Road Chennai
193/Mat/09-10Development of Corrosion and Wear Resistant Ni and Al-based Metallic Glass Coatings and Nanocrystalline CoatingsMar (10)Mar (13)Dr. Kallol Mondal,IIT, Kanpur
194/Mat/09-10Dynamics of Water Molecules and Hydroniumions in Proton Transfer Membranes for Fuel CellsNov(09)Nov(11) Jun (12)Dr. Anindya Datta, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Bombay
195/Mat/09-10Development of Ferroelectric and Multiferroic MEMS DevicesJan (10)Jan (13)Dr. Subhananda Chakrabarti,IIT, Bombay
196/Mat/09-10Design and Development of Functional Materials for Surface Acoustic Wave Device Structures: Applications in Communication and SensorsDec (09)Dec (11)Dr. Vinay Gupta University of Delhi, New Delhi
197/Mat/09-10Development of High - temperature high-performance Piezoelectric AlloysJan(10)Jan (13)Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, _________________ Prof. VRK Murthy,IISc, Bangalore ____________ IIT Madras, Chennai
206/MAT/10-11Friction stir welding of Aluminum metal matrix composites (AL-MMCs)Oct (11)Oct (14) Oct (15)Prof. TV ChristyKarunya University, Coimbatore
207/MAT/10-11Development of thermally sprayable anticorrosive coating based on polymer nano-compositesAug (11)Aug (13) Mar (14) Dec (14)Dr. K PalaniveluCentral Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET), Guindy, Chennai
208/MAT/10-11Development of cast In-Situ CU based composites for Naval ApplicationsOct (11)Oct (14) Aug (15)Dr. OP Modi SC 'F'Institute, council of scientific & industrial research , Hoshangabad road, near habibganj Naka, Bhopal
209/MAT/10-11Development of Carbon Nanotube reinforced Polymer Composites for Naval ApplicationsNov (11)Nov (14) Aug (15)Dr. Smrutisikha BalNIT, Silchar Assam Change Institute: NIT Rourkela
210/Mat/10-11Development of FRP-Nano Composite for Marine Structural ApplicationJul (11)Jul (14) Mar (15)Dr. Swati NeogiIIT, Kharagpur
211/Mat/10-11Friction Stir Processing of Steels for Surface Alloying and Wear Resistance (Joint Project)Aug (11)Aug (13) Mar (14) Dec (14) Dr. Udaya Bhatt _________________ Prof. K. ChattopadhyayNational Institute of Technology Karnatka, Surathkal _____________ IISc. Bangalore
212/MAT/10-11Improving Erosion-Corrosion Resistance of Naval Grade Alloys using HVOF sprayed CoatingsAug (11)Aug (14) Oct (14)Dr. V BalusubramanianAnnamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Parangipettai
213/MAT/10-11Synthesis and Characterization of Luminescent Chemo-SensorsJan (12)Jan (15) Jun (15)Dr. J JayabhartiAnnamalai University , Parangipettai
214/MAT/10-11Friction Surfacing for Enhanced surface Protection and repair of DefectsMay (11)May (14)Dr. GD Janki RamIIT Madras, Chennai
215/MAT/10-11Study of erosion effect of seatwater on Marine pipe work materialsMar (12)Mar (14)Prof. Manish AgarwalMalwa Institute of Technology & Management Sikroda-Badori, Jhansi Road, Gwalior
216/MAT/10-11Development Characterization and Testing of MW-CNT-Polymer Composites for fused Deposition ProcessMar (11)Mar (13) Dec (13)Prof. Krupa Shankara M.SRVCE, Bangalore
217/Mat/10-11Development of Transition metal iron Doped CeO2 thin films for possible thermal sensors and anti-fouling coatingsSep (11)Sep (13) Jan (14)Dr. H NagabhushanaTumkur University Tumkur Karnatka
218/Mat/10-11Development of high strength and ductile AI alloy based composite in solid state by Friction stir processing (FSP)”Sep (11)Sep (14) Mar (15)Dr. Ranjit BauriIIT, Madras, Chennai
243/Mat/11-12Studies on Mechanical Properties of DMR-249A for FSW JointMar (12)Mar(15)Dr. G Dhanraj CSI College of Engineering, Keeti, Nilgiris (TN)
245/Mat/11-12Characterising microstructural Developments in firction stir processed hexangonal materialDec (11)Dec (13) Mar (14)Prof. I. SamajdarIIT, Bombay
246/Mat/11-12Studies on Residual Stress In Friction Stir weld of DMR 249 SteelsMar (12)Mar (15)Prof. R Ram Gopal VermaBharat Institute of Engineering & Technology, BIET Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
248/Mat/11-12MD-Stochastic Model-Based Design, Synthesis and Thermo-Physical Characterisation of Nanofluids for Advanced Heat Transfer ApplicationsJun (12)Jun (15) Dec (15)Dr. S K Pabi, Professor Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal
249/Mat/11-12An Experimental Characterisation of fatigue Behavior of Piesoelectric MaterialsMar (12)Mar (14)Prof. ArockiarajanIIT, Madras, Chennai
251/Mat/11-12Hyperbranched Epoxy Nanohybrides immobilised Natural Biocide for Advanced Marine CoatingsJun (12)Jun (15)Dr. Niranjan Karak, Professor and HoDTezpur University, Tezpur, Assam
252/Mat/11-12Surfacing of DMR-249 steel with austenitic stainless steel by cold metal transfer processJun (12)Jun (14)Prof. M Kamraj. _________________ Dr. K Srinivasa Rao, ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai _____________ Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam
258/Mat/11-12Joining of Aluminium alloy 5083 to DMR 249 Grade steel using cold Metal Transfer metal inert gas weldingAug (12)Jul (14) Oct (14) Jan (15)Dr. S R KoteswaraTagore Engineering College Rathnamangalam, vandalur PO Chennai
259/Mat/11-12Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-Graphene Nanocomposite (PGNC) for Naval ApplicationsJun (12)Jun (15) Dr. Girish Mukundrao JoshiSchool of Advanced Sciences (SAS) VIT University, Vellore
260/Mat/11-12Stress Corrosion Cracking of DMR-249 steel and its weldsJul (12)Jul (15)Prof. K Srinivasa RaoAndhra University, Vishakhapatnam
264/Mat/ 12-13A Study on Weldability of Super Austenitic Stainless Steels (SASS) using SMAW and GTAW processesDec (12)Dec (15)Dr. V. BalusamyPSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
265/Mat/12-13Development of new Hybrid Advanced Technology Combining Batch Electrochemical Coagulation (BECC) and Membrane Processes for the Treatment of Naval WastewatersNov (12)Nov (15) Feb (16)Dr. S. MaheshSri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore
266/Mat/12-13Development of AI-Si-2% Mg alloy and AI-Si-2% Mg with SiC composite using a new Rheo- Die- Casting (RDC)method for naval applicationsDec (12)Dec (15)Dr. S. S. Mohamed NazirudeenPSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
267/Mat/12-13Development and Experimental investigations into Mechanical and Machinability Characteristics of SiC reinforced Aluminum matrix Nano-CompositesFeb (13)Feb (16)Dr. A Gopala KrishnaJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada
268/Mat/12-13Processing and characterization of fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites and their degradation in marine environmentsNov (12)Nov (15) Feb (16)Dr. Rajeev MehtaThapar University, Patiala
269/Mat/12-13Preparation, characterization and local structure of new lead free piezo ceramicsJul (13)Jul (16)Dr. R. SaravananThe Madura College, Madurai
274/MAT/12-13Development of HVOF sprayed Inconel-718-Boron nitride composite coatings for wear and corrosion protection of ship building steelMar (13)Mar (15)Dr. C. S. Ramesh, ProfessorPESIT, Bangalore
275/MAT/12-13Growth and Characterization of PMN-PT single crystalMar (13)Mar (15)Dr. S. Kalainathan, VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu
276/MAT/12-13Development of Ultrafine grained (UFG) AI-Mg-Sc alloys by Repetitive Corrugation and StraighteningMar (13)Mar (16) Jul (16)Prof. S A KoriBasaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot, Karnataka
277/MAT/12-13Development and Design of Environmental Friendly Lead-Free Piezoelectric NanosensorOct (14)Oct (17)Dr. S. K. S. Parashar KIIT University, Bhubaneswar Odissa
287/MAT/12-13Synthesis and Characterization of mixed proton-oxide ion conducting highly substituted and disordered complex perovskites for energy applicationsApr (13)Apr (16) Oct (16)Dr. Anuradha M. Ashok, Assistant ProfessorPSG Institute of Advanced Studies, Coimbatore
288/MAT/12-13Synthesis and characterization of the magneto dielectric nano composites and thin film Hetero structuresMay (13)May (15) Aug (15)Dr. D. J. Salunkhe, Associate ProfessorSchool of Physical Sciences Solapur University, Solapur Kegaon, SOLAPUR
289/MAT/12-13Investigation of Corrosion and its Progression in Ship HullsMay (13)May (16) Dr. Shruti Sharma, Assistant ProfessorDept. of Civil Engineering Thapar University Patiala
290/MAT/12-13Studies on Transition Metal-Oxides Anchored to Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes as Hybrid SupercapacitorsMar (13)Mar (16)Dr. H. Kathyayini, Associate Professor Jain University, Jain Global Campus, Jakkasandra Post, Ramanagara Dist. Karnataka
291/MAT/12-13Studies on indigenous marine microbes for bioremediation of oil spillsMar (13)Mar (16)Dr. B.K. Manjunatha, ProfessorThe Oxford College of Engineering, Bommanahalli, Hosur Road, Bangalore
292/MAT/12-13Near net shape manufacturing of in-situ aluminum matrix nanocomposites for Naval ApplicationsAug (13)Aug (15)Dr. K. R. Ravi, Assistant ProfessorPSG College of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
293/MAT/12-13Development of new Electrolyte materials with optimized electrical / ionic conductivity for solid oxide fuel cellsJul (13)Jul (16) Dec (16)Dr. Prabhakar Singh , Assistant Professor Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University Varanasi
297/Mat/13-14Enhancement of photovoltaic efficiency by down conversion phosphors for underwater solar panels towards naval applicationsJul (13)Jul (15) Oct (15) Apr (17) Dr. Puspamitra Panigrahi, Scientist 'E'Hindustan University, Kelambakkam, Chennai
303/Mat/14-15Development of Smart Dampers Based on Magnetic Spinel FerritesNov (14)Nov (17)Dr. Vikas L. MatheUniversity of Pune, Ganeshkhind, Pune
306/Mat/13-14Optimization of fine blanking process for glass-carbon hybrid compositesFeb (14)Feb (16)Dr. G. B. Bhaskar, Professor & Head Institute of Technology Campus Anna University, Chennai
307/Mat/13-14Simulation of pitting corroison and galvanic corrosion in stressed and unstressed parts subjected to chloride enviromentFeb (14)Feb (17)Dr. Sunil Kumar Thamida, Assistant ProfessorNational Institute of Technology, Warangal
308/Mat/14-15Development of Lead free Bismuth ferrite-Barium Titanate ceramics for electronic applicationSep (14)Sep (16)Prof Prakash Gopalan, ProfessorIIT, Bombay
309/Mat/13-14Magnetoimpedance studies of electrodeposited Fe and Co based thin film alloys for low field sensor applicationsJun (14)Jun (17)Dr. V. Srinivas, ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai
311/Mat/13-14Design of Nanostructured Electrode and Electrolyte Materials for Bulk type Sodium ion Batteries :Potential alternatives to Li-ion batteriesJun (14)Jun (17)Dr. Balaji Rao Ravuri, Associate Professor GITAM University, Hyderabad
313/Mat/13-14High Performance Bipolar Li-Ion Supercapacitors: Design and FabricationFeb (14)Feb (17)Dr. S. R. S. Prabaharan, Professor VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu
314/Mat/13-14Development of Carbon dioxide Absorbent as Per IS-5321 Standard using Indigenous Raw MaterialsMay (14)May (16)Dr. P. S. Raghavan Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science Kelambakkam Chennai, Tamil Nadu
317/Mat/13-14Stabilization mechanism in aluminum foam containing solid particlesJul (14)Jul (17)Dr. G. S. Vinod Kumar, Associate ProfessorSRM Research Institute, SRM University, SRM Nagar, Kattankulathur,-TamilNadu
319/Mat/13-14Investigation on Rare Earth Substituted Layered Perovskites for Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric applicationsMay (14)May (16) Dec (16)Dr. S. K. Rout,Birla Institute of Technology, Mesrax, Ranchi
320/Mat/14-15Lanthanide based wavelength convertors for smart lightingsJan (15)Jan (18)Dr. V. Sivakumar, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Chemistry National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha-506004
324/Mat/14-15Application of Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell (BMFC) for powering Naval SensorsJan (15)Jan (18)Dr. Arvind Kumar Mungray, Assistant ProfessorSardar Vallabh Bhai Natioanal Institute of Technology, Surat- Gujrat
330/Mat/14-15Electrochemical and surface analytical studies of corrosion behavior of selected superalloys in marine gas turbine engine conditionsJan (15)Jan(18)Prof. B. V appa RaoNational Institue of Technology, Warangal Andhra Pradesh
326/Mat/14-15Synthesis and design of new composite polymer membrane for solar assisted membrane distillation for sea water desalinationSep (14)Sep (17)Dr. Chitrakara Hegde, Associate ProfessorAlliance University, Chikkahagade Cross Chandapur-Anekal Main Road, Bangalore, Karnataka
327/Mat/114-15A Feasibility study to process steel foamNov (14)Nov (16)Dr. B. S. S. Daniel, Associate ProfessorIIT, Rorkee
330/Mat/14-15Electrochemical and surface analytical studies of corrosion behavior of selected superalloys in marine gas turbine engine conditionsJan (15)Jan(18)Prof. B. V appa RaoNational Institue of Technology, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh
332/Mat/14-15Development of Oil Absorbing Polymer Product for Efficient Removal of Oil spills in sea waterSep (14)Sep (16) Mar (17) Dr. R VasanthakumariB S Abdur Rahman University, Vandalur, Chennai
333/Mat/14-15Development of carbon nanotube based polymer composites for acoustic and vibration damping materials for underwater applicationsSep (14)Sep (16)Dr. Prathap Haridoss, ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai
336/Mat/14-15Simulation of micro gas sensors for the Detection of SF6 leakage and its constituent gases under partial discharge in a Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) systemFeb (15)Feb (17)Dr. Suma Umesh, Assistant Professor BMS Institute of Technology, Availahalli, Doddabalapur Main Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore
338/Mat/14-15Nanomaterials for high energy density electrochemical energy storageApr (15)Apr (18)Dr. Abhay d Deshmukh, Assistant PorfessorRTM Nagpur University, Nagpur
339/Mat/14-15Evaluation and optimization of Machinaility and surface characteristics of AL-Si-Cu alloys for Naval applicationFeb(15)Feb (18)Dr. K. G Basavakumar, ProfessorJain University, Jakkasandra Post, Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara District, Bangalore
340/Mat/14-15Development of Organophosphorous flame retardants for epoxy and Viny1 ester resinFeb (15)Feb(18)Dr. Akhil Kumar Sen, Associate ProfessorBirla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi Jharkhand,
341/Mat/14-15Investigation on the influence of Machining Parameters in the Machining of carbon epoxy composite with Abrasive Water Jet Machining to improve Surface Finish and minimize defectsFeb (15)Feb(18)Dr. Shailender Kumar, Associate ProfessorS.V. National Institute of Technology, Surat, Gujrat
342/Mat/14-15DNA-decorated liquid crystalline Nano-composite materials for efficient chemical sensingOct (15)Oct (18)Dr. Sudip Choudhury Assam University, Silchar Assam
343/Mat/14-15Investigation on thermally stable Poly anion electrodes for Li-ion BatteriesApr (15)Apr (18)Dr. M Siluvai Michael SSN College of Engineering, Chennai
346/Mat/14-15Noble Metal Nano Thin Films using low Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and CVD for Naval ApplicationDr. R Venkateswaran, Assistant Professor PSG, Institute of Advanced Studies Coimbatore
348/Mat/14-15Machinability and wear studies of high temperature alloys (like, Nicrofer C263, Niobium C103) and effect of NanofluidsApr (15)Apr (18)Dr. P Subhash Chandra Bose, Assistant Professor NIT, Warangal
349/Mat/14-15Development of 3D Woven structures and their composite for Marine applicationsFeb (15)Feb (17)Dr. B. K Behera, ProfessorIIT, Delhi
350/Mat/14-15Improving the impact transition behaviour of high strength naval steels by refining the effictive grain size of matrix microstructureFeb(15)Feb(18)Dr. Debalay Chakrabarti, Associate ProfessorIIT, Kharagpur
352/Mat/14-15 14 Jan 15Investigation of Buckling Performance of Stiffened Polymer Composite Shells for Underwater Vehicle ApplicationsApr (15)Apr (17)Dr. H. N. Narasimha Murty. Professor and DeanRVCE, Bangalore
354/Mat/14-15Use of second phase material of enhcance the stability of metallic coatingsMar (15)Mar (18)Prof. Parasuraman Swaminathan, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai
356/Mat/14-15 Co-doping approach for enhancement of Ionic conductivity of Fluorite-based Electrolytes at intermediate temperature range (300-550ºC) for solid oxide fuel cellApr (15)Apr (18)Dr. (Mrs) Smita A. Acharya, Associate Professor Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj, Nagpur University, Amaravati Road, Nagpur
357/Mat/14-15 Development of Ni-base ultrafine compositesMay (15)May (18)Dr. Jayanta Das, Assistant Professor,Indian Instiute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal
Fabrication of PZT, PMN-PT and lead free (BCZT) multilayered stacks/actuators and their characterizationApr (15)Apr (17)Dr. P. K. Panda, Chief ScientistCSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Kokihalli, Bangalore
359/Mat/15-16Development of Variable Density Composites using Electric field guided assemblySep (15)Sep (17) Dr. Dinesh Kalyansundaram, Assistant Professor _________________ Dr. Suhasini Gururaja Assistant ProfessorIIT, Delhi _______________ IISc, Bangalore
360/Mat/15-16 Development of components for anode supported solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)Jun (15)Jun (17)Dr. S. T Aruna, Principal ScientistCSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Kokihalli, Bangalore
363/Mat/14-15Preparation of an antifouling membrane by wet chemical methods and its performance study for filtration applicationsOct (15)Oct (17)Prof. Geetha Balakrishna, Director Jain University, Jain Global Campus, Jakkasandra Post, Kanakpura Taluk, Ramanagara District Bangalore
366/Mat/15-16Study corrosion behavior of wrought Mg alloys processed by severe plastic deformation for Naval ApplicationJul (16)Jul (19)Prof. Narendranath S, ProfessorNational Institute of Technology, Karnatka, surathkal Srinivasanagar-Mangalore, Karnataka
369/Mat/14-15Carbon Nanotuybe based 2D and 3D Field EmittersMar (16)Mar (19)Dr. Indranil Lahiri, Assistant ProfessorDept. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee-247667, Uttarakhand
371/Mat/15-16Development of Lightweight High Strength AI-Mg Alloy FoamsFeb (16)Feb (18)Dr. Manas Mukherjee, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai
372/Mat/15-16investigation on all-solid-state extremel thin absorber solar cells in plannar architectureFeb (16)Feb (19)Dr. T. Prakash, Assistant ProfessorNanosciene and Nanotechnology University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai
373/Mat/15-16The effect of shock wave, moisture and sea on de-bonding of multiplayer in FRP composite systems – Experimental and multi-scale modeling based investigationMar (16)Mar (19)Dr. Snehanshu Pal, Assistant ProfessorNIT, Rourkela
374/MAT/15-16Thermal management and design of lithium ion battery module (28V/25Ah/25A) operating at high and fluctuating discharge rate for underwater vehicle applicationMar (16)Mar (19)Dr. Sudipto Ghosh, ProfessorIIT, Kharagpur
375/Mat/15-16Assesment of degradation and aging efects of Naval Materials in Marine EnvironmentMar (16)Mar (19)Dr. Smita Mohanty, Sr. Scientist & InchargeCentral Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) Bhubaneswar
376/MAT/15-16Corrosion Resistant Concrete with Phosphosgypsum, Mineral Admixtures and Carbon Fibres for Marine ApplicationsMar (16)Mar (18)Dr. S Geeta, Professor Rajalakshmi Engineering College Thandalam, Chennai
377/Mat/16-17fabrication and characterization of lithium based thin film electrodes and electrolytes for lithium-ion micro-batteriesJun (16) Jun (19)Dr. N. Satyanarayana Pondicherry University Pondicherry
379/MAT/15-16An Experimental an theoretical studies on creep behavior of piezoelectric materials and actuatorOct (16)Oct (18)Prof. Arockiarajan, Associate ProfessorIIT, Madras, Chennai
380/Mat/16-17Design and fabrication of a meta-material based acoustic cloak to skin a hollow aluminum cylinder from SONAR ranging 10 Hz to 20kHz in ideal water mediumNov (16)Nov (19)Dr. Dibya Prakash Jena, Assistant ProfessorNIT, Rourkela
381/Mat/16-17In Situ Synthesis of High Capacity Silicate Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: An Integrated ApproachDr. Surendera Kumar Martha, Assistant ProfessorIndian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
383/Mat/16-17“Effect of Hygrothermal conditioning and cycling on CNT embedded GFRP composite: A Study on marine environment durability”Nov (16)Nov (19)Dr. Rajesh Kumar Prusty, Assistant ProfessorNIT, Rourkela
384/MAT/16-17Development of Plasma Arc Assisted Friction Stir Welding Process for Low Carbon SteelsNov (16)Nov (19)Dr. Pankaj Biswas, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Guwahati,
385/MAT/16-17Development of New Hybrid Composite Material on Aluminum based Matrix Composite by Stir Casting MethodDec (16)Dec (18)Dr. Anil Kumar Birru, Assistant ProfessorNIT, Manipur
386/MAT/16-17Studies on laser-GMA-hybrid welding of high strength low alloy naval grade steelJan (17)Jan (20)Dr. N. Arivazhagan, Senior Professor (PI) VIT, University, Vellore
387/MAT/16-17Development of phase change polymers as maintenance free thermal energy storage materialDr. P A Mahanwar, Professor & HOD Institute of Chemical Technology Mumbai
  Examining Fresh Project Proposal:
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